The closest entity to SOURCE & SPIRIT are CHILDREN.

What “Ego?”


Humans are born seeking HAPPINESS & GROWTH. We aren’t born simply with the instincts of survival; as 4D capable beings, our BIRTHRIGHT is to be happy and free. Tragically, every day we exist on this Earth we are spiritually corrupted by absolutely any and every external influence. Babies and children obviously, are the least tainted of society. With no concept of judgment, there is no doubt of what they see, hear and above all FEEL. As we progress in this human form, our ego begins to form a reality of how we are “supposed” to live, what is expected of us, and worst of all: what is considered “normal.”

The veil begins to fall over our eyes.

Have you ever noticed a baby staring, smiling , or even giggling and having what seems to be a conversation with “nothing?” Or maybe you have had a child that you KNOW intuitively senses the genuine intangible energy of a person? It is incredible how they gravitate to the positively vibrating souls, and immediately push away from those with darker auras? Then, there is the phenomena of worldwide stories where toddlers begin telling family members and teachers of their “last life;”  these little starseeds describe intricately impossible-to-know details, almost always confirmed by elders from that time or family that is still alive. Something to ponder is why these experiences are normally around age 2, and as they get older they seem to forget their last lives. Another thing that has always intrigued me is the idea of “imaginary” friends;” is it possible that children actually see and interact with higher dimensional energies, maybe even from a parallel universe they are able to tap into?

Children have no ego. They CAN see things we can’t, and perceive energies that we have been veiled by. I purposely ask my children if they see colors around a person, and what it is. I ask what their dreams are every day from the night before and some of the things they tell me, I even suspect they are so spiritually open that mine perform astral projection at times! My little girls have always said they “see a ghost over there,” and I believe them, (only of the positive nature of course!). They tell me stories most people would find just kid talk.. but I now LISTEN and believe every word they say. When a child says they see or hear something, they DO. They vibrate on a much higher frequency than we do, and you can only PERCEIVE to the frequency or vibration you are within.

I believe children are the closest to spirit.. to KNOWING and REMEMBERING.. when they are born. They are conditioned to forget, what I call “Soul Amnesia.” If we were to try our hardest to keep children’s minds pure, untainted ,and as far away from fear-based influence, we would have an entire generation of world changers on our hands. It would be a bunch of conscious, spiritual, truth-seeking little indigo humans.. especially if every action is taken to avoid calcifying their pineal gland, a very important tool within our body that enhances higher consciousness. When the pineal gland is calcified, it naturally produces less dimethyltryptamine, having multiple effects on mental, physical and spiritual functions of the body.

Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is a substance that nearly every single living organism produces. It occurs naturally in plants and is produced in the PINEAL GLAND of mammals. By definition it is “a neurotransmitter and tryptamine molecule.” Dimethyltryptamine is popularly labeled as “The SPIRIT MOLECULE,” due to it’s suspicion of playing a role in dream induction, near death experiences, astral travel and mystical visions during religious experiences. It can even be consumed as a psychedelic drug, commonly used throughout history as a spiritual and healing drug by certain cultures. Most people who have near death experiences, or NDE’s, claim to see what comes after this life; most explain the same experience and describe it as an “all-knowing” idea of truth and existence. This also coincides with the fact that most of them also are no longer afraid of death once they undergo such an impactful experience.

The interesting thing about DMT is it is proven the highest amounts recorded as concentrated in the body are released during two points in your life: at the moment of birth, and at the moments before death. It is almost as if DMT is a bridge between this life, and the higher planes of existence or afterlife.

This would explain my theory, that children remember their soul, and what REALLY is, the moment they are born. As they grow, even being told “I don’t see anything over there, you are just pretending,” immediately has now impacted that child’s idea of what “is.” …So many more thoughts to come..

In the meantime, check out this amazing video of how the power of “OM,” the frequency of the universe, can be utilized to calm a newborn baby (post from my instagram, @EsotericEnchantress). Shouts out to this incredible father, Daniel Eisenman!

🌌The power of #Om. This is divine..🌌 💓I have always believed and stand by the idea that..babies are the closest to Om, to the #frequency of #Gaia, the universal #VibrationOfTheUniverse ..the moment they are born. They may suffer the #SoulAmnesia we all do in this #3rdDimension, but they have yet to be tainted with influence. 💓 💫I think back to my grandmother and the rhythm she would hum when she rocked all 56 of her grandchildren to sleep. Awake now..I realize it was absolutely the same frequency..and what I used on my own. It works, 100% of the time. 💫 @danieleisenman °•°▪°•°▪°•°▪°▪° #Repost @bleurosephotog The power of Sound.👌🏽I have chanted Om to a baby before. They love it!! He even tried to make the sound. It was the cutest thing!! 🕉👼🏽 ・・ First-time dad uses an amazing trick to calm his crying newborn daughter. #parenting #father #newborn #baby #sleep #children #parents #calming #sound #soundHealing #aum #vibration #energy #ascension #consciousness #connection #vibes #soul #baby #metaphysical #newyork

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