The 50 UNIVERSAL LAWS: Life Altering Concepts

The 50 Universal Laws ..

“This is an exploration of the 50 primary UNIVERSAL LAWS. The universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws, which are regulatory vibrations to maintain order. When you work within the laws, you can be assured of an eventual positive outcome. When the laws are transgressed, you can be assured of suffering. The only reason, is to teach a better way.”

This epic video on Youtube, CHANGED MY LIFE. Literally, physically, spiritually.
It is in the form of a spoken meditation, and gave me a FUNDAMENTAL Paradigm SHIFT.
Each time I listen, I have a NEW MIND FUCK moment..
s if the Universe wanted me to hear that law or truth..
At that moment.. for a very specific, conscious reason.

It even caused one co-creator of this site to spontaneously astral project falling asleep to it.

(not so) IRONICALLY, this video keeps getting yanked off YouTube ..
Download this video in video/audio form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

I will be adding to these laws, in detail in the future. For now.. it is the PERFECT thing to listen to in the car, shower, during meditation.. or just when you are DIVING deep.

Do you have a favorite or synchronistic number that always comes around?
Click that law, & every time.. you face the potential\ to
mind-blowingly RESONATE with it regarding your own personal JOURNEY.

1. The law of Harmony

2. The law of Reincarnation & Karma

3. The law of Wisdom

4. The law of Grace

5. The law of Soul Evolution

6. The law of Bodhisattva

7. The law of Vibrational Alignment

8. The law of Free will

9. The law of One

10. The law of Manifestation

11. The law of Conscious Detachment

12. The law of Gratitude

13. The law of Fellowship

14. The law of Resistance

15. The law of Attraction

16. The law of Reflection

17. The law of Unconditional Love

18. The law of Magnetic Affinities

19. The law of Abundance

20. The law of Divine Order

21. The law of Attitude

22. The law of Threes

23. The law of Association

24. The law of Commitment

25. The law of Dissonance

26. The law of Experience

27. The law of Fearful Confrontation

28. The law of Group Consciousness

29. The law of Personal Return

30. The law of Activity

31. The law of Denial

32. The law of New Beginnings

33. The law of Compensation

34. The law of Psychometry Influence

35. The law of Totality

36. The law of Dominant Desire

37. The law of Duality

38. The law of Self-Destruction

39. The law of Environmental Manifestation

40. The law of Restriction

41. The law of Self-worth

42. The law of Growth

43. The law of Self-truth

44. The law of Summarized Experience

45. The law of Belief

46. The law of Dharmic Direction

47. The Law of Purifying Actions

48. The law of Karmic Excess

49. The law of Release

50.The law of Ritual