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The Golden Mean Ratio, The Fibonacci Sequence, and Sacred Geometry

Fractals, Infinity, Phi, Pi, Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, irrational

Mandelbrot Fractal aka the INTERIOR DESIGN of creation and reflection.

Sacred geometry is considered a geometric language of patterns that encompasses all matter, civilizations, and species on this planet and in the cosmos.

It is the foundation of all that can be perceived in this existence, and even that which cannot, when broken down to the most minuscule piece of matter we can detect. It raises insightful discussion regarding human species evolution, our solar system, the galaxy and especially our vast universe.

Sacred Geometry is a more spiritual-based term than scientific; it addresses our collective connection as terrestrial beings, yet also is used to describe the evident universal patterns seen in the design of all matter in this existence, down to the very smallest molecule we can (or cannot) detect. Recognize that even the most “inexplicable” of ancient architecture depict or follow this mathematical and very particular pattern. Flowers, animals, historical artists, and even our human bodies revolve around this sequential pattern.


MATHEMATICS= The abstract SCIENCE of PATTERNS, numbers, quantity, and SPACE.

There are few things in life that are absolute.. unchanging. However, math and science have the universe in a choke hold; they are two of the strongest aspects of any case study (or personal experiment!); they will never falter or change- regardless of variables added.

But.. let’s back up a bit and discuss Pi, Phi, and the Fibonacci Sequence first.


The Golden Ratio and The Fibonacci Sequence

Sacred Geometry, Phi, Pi, Fractals

Fibonacci Sequence Spirals


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